Encountering a family issue

Divorcing by mutual consent is possible with a mediator recognized by the Belgian Federal Commission for Mediation.

Any question about child custody, child support contribution or parental authority can be discussed in mediation as well, even if a legal procedure is ongoing.

If you have to make a decision about an elderly member of your family and you, children, do not agree about what to do, the mediator is there to help you find the best solution for your beloved ones.

Also, if you must make important decisions for your children when you and your partner are separated it is possible to discuss it in mediation.

Facing contract-related litigation

In civil and commercial disputes the following can be dealt with in mediation: lease contracts or any other business contracts.

During a commercial mediation process experts and lawyers can attend the debates BUT only the parties make decisions that fit everyone. The mediator's role is to offer a neutral, confidential and caring frame away from the court.

In case you have to deal with a neighborhood disagreement you might want to check with your Commune whether they offer neighborhood mediation service.

Solving a conflict at work

Conflicts that arise within a team, a business or simply between co-workers can be unbearable for all. Mediation offers a neutral and confidential discussion space in order to make it through your conflict and provide peace of mind.

Request it any time

You can call upon a mediator in order to find help solving a conflict: before, during or after a legal procedure.

At the first meeting you explain what the issue is. The mediator will confirm whether or not the conflict can be brought to mediation.