The mediation process

First of all ask yourself whether your case can be subject to mediation.


Get in touch with an accredited mediator. You can find them on the official website of the Federal Mediation Commission.

During a first meeting you will bring up the context of your conflict. The mediator will confirm whether mediation is relevant to your case.


Then during plenary sessions you will first explain why you are there, the reason of your presence and the goal you would like to reach. Each party will have an opportunity to tell their own story, express their own feelings and needs in order to further discuss towards finding a creative solution to the conflict that satisfies all parties.


The number of sessions depends on the positive energy parties are bringing in finding a solution that is acceptable by all.

The cost of mediation

family/civil disputes

€60/h per person

+ possible administrative costs

commercial disputes


administrative costs €250

conflicts in businesses


+ possible administrative costs

Even though mediation is not free, it remains much cheaper than a judicial process.

If you have low income you can request legal aid and get financial support for mediation. Your mediator will inform you about it.

Which revenues are taken into account in order to be entitled to benefit from legal aid? Click here